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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Just to make it perfectly clear, I am one of the 99%.

Many might imagine since I'm in galleries, on posters, in films and videos, etc. that I'm mega wealthy.


In actuality I'm like most of your every day muppets/people in that I struggle with the ever increasing stress of inflation & competition for jobs. Oh, Miss Piggy has it so good! See my Facebook page in this regard. While you're there, LIKE ME for heaven's sake.

So guys and girls and muppets and puppets--I'm letting you know I'm with you! 

Somehow we'll figure out what to do with this whole economic disparity mess. I still have hope.

My sense is that if we can keep the laughter moving and the smiles going and the joy lifting that these frequencies will transform the financial landscape. 

Miracles DO happen.


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  1. I like your positivisms! New word for being so happy truthful upbeat and clever!