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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Who Will Bring The Heat?

After taking time out to birth two adorable babies, I'm back in the game!

It's hell loosing that baby weight, but I'm motivated to kick a$$ again. Does it have something to do (BIG CLUE) with the upcoming tv series starring Kermit and those two little piggies?

Some might call this jealousy, but actually it's more along the lines of a French Farce or a Soap Opera as there is a lot of behind-the-scenes 'fooling around' the public is clearly unaware of. Surely TMZ will catch a whiff sooner or later as they usually do. Let's just say there's more here than meets the eye. Snort!

For those unfamiliar with my saga and the notorious muppets, here's a Daily Mail link.

Remember---you heard it here first!