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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I've Seen The End Of The World

I've seen the End Of The World, and it's name is "Ted".

I give up. Since this movie tops the Box Office, then the end of the world is just around the corner. For Real.

Mooki & I gasped that such a vulgar, rude, crass, raunchy, non-funny movie made it to the top. We sense the writer/creator Seth MacFarlane had so much inner crap he no choice but to dump it, and thus this movie! Our eyes are still hurting from the images.

To make matters worse he mixed in sappy romantic comedy. Ugh!

How did Seth get to this high and low level all at the same time? Simple--he followed a big trend.

Here's the skinny my friends: back in the good old days of movies (a long, long, long time ago), there was such a thing called boundaries. But then came along the popular 'gross-out' movies-- these included horror movies as well as comedies. To be funny it was imagined, one had to push harder & break the offensive barrier.

Limits were tested. Boundaries were stretched. How much gross-out would the public become used to? How far could creators go? Would people actually pay for crap?

And the answer was YES!

Sadly, Ted pushed the boundary further down this offensive, gross-out track. This movie is a gimmick which should have ended up in the round filing cabinet.

I'm now a prepper, because I see what the future holds. 

Thanks Seth for the wake-up call.