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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Up Up And Away

If anyone has been looking for me, the best place to look would have been the astral, the sky, the ozone, the far-away place.


The flu bug got me good or bad, depending upon how you look at it.

The good part was I didn't care much about superficial, silly things. 

The bad part was I didn't care about superficial, silly things even though I was sick. Sigh! In other words, I dropped some balls, and one of those balls was this blog! Oh well...'should have', 'would have', 'could have' are some of the things one throws out the window when you've got the flu.

The flu is a weird experience. Priorities get arranged when one isn't feeling well, and everything looks different from the flu perspective.
People, places, and just about everything takes on another hue. You're not really in your body. You're floating somewhere above your body in another zone, and this isn't due to drugs because I didn't do any flu drugs. This is due to the plain old flu. The flu takes you to another place.

The flu is Nature's way of re-arranging our lives and making us value and respect our health. Good health becomes Numero Uno when one isn't feeling that good.  And returning to good health becomes the number one goal....all else becomes secondary.

If you're a neat freak like I am, it is a challenge to maintain a neat-freak world when all you want to do is sleep. So once you get well again and grounded back on Earth, suddenly there are many, many things for a neat freak to do.

Luckily for me, there is great joy in the everyday muppet world.  

And if I had a choice, I'll stack towels and fill the dishwasher any day of the week. Anything and everything is better than the flu.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Marketing to Muppets

As an inveterate, impulsive, spendthrift consumer/shopper, I am on the List of Lists. Clever marketers know how to market to a muppet, or at the least, THIS muppet.

And so it is I receive every shopping magazine known to mankind and muppetkind. Everything from survival camping gear to outrageous luxury goods arrives in my mailbox. These magazines are a godsend when I'm sick.

Since I was plopped in bed recently--sick once again--with my box of kleenex, a large mug of hot tea, a glass of Emergen-C and little desire to read anything of substance, I leafed through my stack of recent mailings.

It is very healing to visualize traveling to exotic locations and buying this or that when you're sick. Doing so always makes me feel better.
Of course, I have little need for any of this stuff, but it's fun just to same to imagine.

For instance, I recently saw a photo of Brad Pitt taking his son around in a motorcycle with a sidecar. I thought to myself how cool is that...what a great dad! And then I picked up my latest copy of the Hammacher Schlemmer magazine, and right on the cover is one of these similar fabulous motorcyles, and the Allied Victory Sidecar Motorcycle sells for only $10,000! Such a deal. I LOVE a deal.

Hammacher Schlemmer advertises itself as "American's Longest Running Catalog...Offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected for 164 years." It's an amazing catalog full of amazing things, some impractical and some quite useful. I lusted for quite a few things in their recent catalog such as the new digital polaroid camera which combines the old with the new. And it's only $299.95!

Speaking of deals, on my To-Do List when I'm feeling better, I plan to read the new e-book, "Life On a Shoestring in Beverly Hills" by Christine Redlin. 

Maybe I can learn a thing or two about shopping. Ya think?


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mooki, My Man In Black

As every woman knows when she begins shopping for her "man", the agony of what to buy him begins. 

And so it was for me this past Christmas!

I had decided Mooki (my boyfriend), should have a black leather motorcycle jacket like the one I wear in many photos, but finding one to fit him was not the easiest of tasks.

So eventually I settled on one that was vintage but a bit too large. Then I asked him to pose for me wearing his new jacket and vintage
sunglasses. I was going for the Men In Black look as a joke.

Do you think he pulled the 'look' off?

I think he looks really weird & sexy. That's my Mooki!