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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How To Walk The Catwalk Like A Cat

After watching Dancing With The Stars last night, I was inspired to post a photo from my 80's heyday when I was a Super Model walking the catwalks for all the top fashion designers.

For those unfamiliar with the term "catwalk", the definition is this: a catwalk is a narrow flat platform which runs into an auditorium and where models strut their stuff. 

All the top fashion houses loved my large head and striking good looks plus I always smiled a lot unlike most of the other models who liked to make sad faces thinking this made them look skinnier.

See that black thing I'm carrying in the photo? That was my very own boombox carried like an expensive tote. So 80's! But I digress...

The SECRETS to walking like a cat on the catwalk for all you inspiring wannabe catwalk models are:

Imagine your hips are swaying in a figure eight motion as you walk. This sensual motion will propel you down the catwalk with grace. Let those hips be loosey-goosey.

Imagine you are a cat advancing on your prey. Be very quiet, contained and focused.

Imagine a delicious dinner awaiting you after the show. 

There you have it. Any questions?

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  1. BB u have led such an amazing life so far and a model too wow! I like your advice on the runway...makes me think of Marilyn Monroe how one shoe would be higher than the other to give the illusion of swaying hips!