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Monday, October 10, 2011

Heroes, Gurus and Other Poobahs

As my buddies know, I'm a huge fan of Stephen Colbert.

He's The Man! 

We have a few things in common such as we both thrive on thunderous applause and love to play with & punk others--especially the pompous, pretentious types.

However, I'm probably not even on his gaydar.

I mean radar.

Yet he was kind enough to let me get into a photo with him this year. Oh, that other famous Gates lady was in the shot too, but he was pointing at ME.

Here's a copy of my tweet for that memorable moment:

“I am …and you can too!” Join & Foundation to raise $100K for teachers!

That little http photo link in the tweet graphically demonstrates how taken he was with me. 

My next dream is to meet and have my photo taken with two hilarious men: Swami Beyondananda and Puppetji, both masters of word play. I could sit at their feet all day & steal ideas.

Swami B. has so many great quotes and words of wisdom. Here's one I adore:

"There's no need to change the world. All we have to do is toilet train the world, and we'll never have to change it again."

See what I mean? Swami is so down to earth.


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  1. Funny I like their style of yours to BB!