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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grandma Gets Recruited

Because my great grandma (x8) was so fierce & feisty, she immediately caught the attention of the legendary Shaolin Monks once she arrived in Japan, and they recruited her to apprentice with them. Since she had left everything behind her, she agreed to this new life. 

Thus, she moved to the Shaolin Temple in China and apprenticed with the monks for the remainder of that lifetime and four more until she finally became a Master.
The developed abilities of strength, flexibility & pain endurance were genetically passed onto my Mother and eventually to me. 

Each generation has added one new skill set. I have the ability to teleport through space-time to watch over others and protect them. Here I am with you-know-who just doing what comes naturally!


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  1. ...."Wow, Grandma what big arms you have".....:)