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Monday, October 10, 2011

How To Be A Super Model

The MOST important quality in becoming a Super Model is to embrace what makes you unique.

Most Super Models have supreme self confidence and accept themselves the way they are. 

For example, if a Super Model has a gap between her front teeth, she smiles big and wide anyway. She doesn't alter this gap, and many a famous super model has this gap.

If a model should have a Large nose such as I do, then there is no disguising such an nose. Why whittle it down to a tiny little thing? Let it shine in all it's golden glory I say.

If you can learn to love yourself exactly as you are, then you will radiate amazing charisma.

This self-love is what will turn you from a so-so model to a Super Model!

Hey, it worked for me! Just Saying!


1 comment:

  1. Gr8 advice...embrace what makes you well! if you have dimples, gap teeth, yellow nose and poof hair embrace it ! Look at Madonna, Snooki, and many other woman who embrace themselves.. way to go BB! We cant all look like Giselle