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Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's An Acquired Taste

I don't know where it began but I suspect it began by watching too many Saturday Night Live skits OR reviewing all the many self-serving documentaries as part of the voting academy for the Motion Picture Association.

These two sources began my taste for horrible acting and direction, and I acquired a taste for videos and films that are so bad they're good. Or as I prefer to say, they're so bad they're great.

And thusly my taste became an obsession and I now enjoy creating my own horrible YouTube videos. Might as well join in the fun, right? After all, I've made enough horrible films, I might as well make my own at this point.

This is what I conveyed to my therapist the other day when she asked why I think my videos are so funny. She doesn't get me, but a lot of people do. And those that get me are sophisticated, worldly, not-so-easily-amused, and perhaps a touch jaded.

Won't you join this very elite crowd and LIKE my Facebook page?

If you don't, you can always buy one of my posters on the street.

Was this post guilt-inducing enough? 

If not, I'll have to resort to more extreme measures.


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  1. I happen to b a fan of so bad its good youtube videos