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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a spectacular vacation! It was just what I needed to restore my juice! Let me share a few of the highlights:

1. I wrestled a croc, but this totally adorable croc *sadly* decided it was no match for me and swam away. It's a lot of fun wrestling a croc in mud. Who knew?! The secret is to whisper a very sacred word known only to initiates of the Great Pyramid. Somehow crocs remember this sacred word through their genetics and they become disoriented. I learned this in a book handed down to me from my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandma.
2. Mooki & I swam a gadzillion miles a day through brilliant, clear, turquoise Bahamian waters & splashed around with the dolphins. And in the process this fashionista *yours truly* decided turquoise is too fabulous for words and now I only want to wear turquoise EVERYTHING--except for my classic black motorcycle jacket. I'd like to eat & breathe & drink turquoise if such was possible.

3. Mooki & I had so much fun playing practical jokes on people. One joke we played was with our fart book,  "Farts Around The World". 

In this book we read, "Indeed flatulence is one of the great universal languages."

This gave Mooki & me an idea. We would press one of the buttons in this book (ten of them to be exact) which provide loud, expressive farts as we hid under dinner tables. Our favorite ones were "The Pressure Drop" and "The Cloud Splitter". 

Of course, everyone looked at their dinner companions assuming it was one of them letting out a stinker, and then the awkward laughter would begin. I'm telling you, we lightened up a lot of boring dinner tables and brought people together in laugh-fueled camaraderie! They'll never forget that vacation! And neither will we--we laughed more than the price of 10 books! We left for home thinking we were some sort of gods.

And what did YOU do on Spring Break?


  1. Wonderful adventures love turquoise as well btw!
    I am vicariously living thru ur Spring break adventures since I have not left anywhere YET!

  2. That was you?! we spent all week trying to solve the Case of the Mystery Fart!

    Princess WeeWee