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Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Spy

Friends: I have something SRS to share with you today. This humble spoofing muppet--yours truly--is being censored by B.B.

Yes, hard to believe but tis true! Here's what happened:

Twice I uploaded a congrats to M. Piggy & the Fashion Police about M. Piggy's appearance on the show on FB. Twice it was taken off by SOMEONE. Was it political pressure put on FB by the muppet gang? Was it tweaking by the FP crew? Who did it and why?

Thus, I've decided ZERO to write about any of my muppet compadres anymore!  No more pr or press or publicity for them!
Now it will all about ME and Mine!

In this regard, I'm sharing the gift (photo above) I was given by my adoring fans on my last trip.  Isn't it cute? I love it!

And I'm also posting this on my FB page. If it disappears from there once again, you & I will both KNOW!

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