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Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Motivational Poster

Friends & Fans: I decided to make my very own motivational poster to express my philosophy of life.

Whaddya think?

And yes, I purposely chose this photo of me to let others know I 'own' my big yellow nose and love & accept it and myself.

Feedback please!


  1. Perfect for well... What It IS !

  2. We've nominated you for the Sunshine Award because of your hilarious blog! You're totally awesome! Check out our site to see the guidelines for accepting. Congratulations and thanks for the laughs.

    Dr Em and Princess WeeWee

  3. OMG! Dr Em and Princess Wee Wee---I am so honored for your Sunshine Award!!!

    Your guidelines are making me worried--whom will I send it onto to comply with the guidelines? Oy vey!