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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Mr. Seacrest

Dear Mr. Seacrest,

Since you are a powerhouse producer of reality television shows, I'd like to suggest a new series featuring my family & me. I feel we'd make entertaining reality tv for children of all ages.

Although we're a relatively obscure bunch of weirdos, our family would bring something fresh, juicy and surreal to the current selection of reality tv offerings. 

If you're looking for what's "new, next and noteworthy in entertainment", we're you're perfect mob of misfits.

Our explosive revelations and raw comedy will redefine reality television. Help us move reality tv to new depths, heights, widths and parallel dimensions.

Thank you for your consideration. 

Best Bumps,

Biker Blond

P.S. We'll contact you via dreams just in case you miss this.




  1. Wonderful weird idea I think it will be a hit reality show! You can be filmed with all different kinds of misfit Muppets and let the antics begin...or did they do this already with the Real Housewives ...ouch! :)