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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cats Rule

The news is often shocking. I suppose that sensational, disturbing, dramatic news is more compelling. Positive, inspirational news isn't what sells. 

But CUTE never seems to go out of style.

Our innocence gets lost earlier and earlier and earlier. Like today, my innocence was shattered when I read a famous YouTube star says that the internet is powered by cats. Here's the link.

This news gave me pause. So if cats are the most powerful beings on YouTube, why haven't I added my cat to my videos? I added my dog once. I've been missing out...barking up the wrong tree...blowing it big time by not featuring my very own super disagreeable adorable kitty. Well, she's not exactly a kitty anymore....more like a senior citizen who loves room service.

The least I could do before making another poorly made video is to feature a cat on this blog. Maybe I'll find one more reader--or lots of readers from the cat lover world?!

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