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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Best Way To Stop Waiting

Have you ever waited for something you really, really want or need? Have you felt the frustration of the "energy" of waiting? It's a horrible feeling, isn't it?

That's where I've been as I've waited for my boyfriend to arrive.

Even though my simple waiting isn't life or death like waiting is for so many people in this world, it isn't joyful! It's a feeling of longing and being separated from the present. And I really don't enjoy being in this space.

I've come to the conclusion that waiting is so old-school, such a 3-D activity, and I know better because I'm schooled in the Power of Now

I going to draw my Enso. 

Enso is a Japanese word which means circle, and it's well known as a subject of Japanese calligraphy. It's a symbol of enlightenment and the Great Void. It's zero point energy.

Enso is a great tool to return to the NOW.  


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