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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So I was forced to attend the Jubilee with all the royals, quasi-royals, wannabe royals, pesky royals, punk royals and lots of other a$$ kissing un royals. 

My hat was carefully placed on my head a la Kate.

I re-used it from my recent showing at the Kentucky Derby because I'm into green recycling. It worked good enough being that it was a cast-off place mat sourced from the Salvation Army. Like I said: GREEN! No shame.

Come into my world. I've got to show you how much fun it is being green & discovering beauty in the commonplace. Screw royals.

By the end of the Diamond Jubilee Concert & two days of waving to fans & foes, I was ready to jet back into the good old usa.

My hat/head had slipped mixing with all those royals and imbibing something with bubbles....something like champagne, but different.
It was when I was backstage with Madness before they performed My House. After that, who knows?!